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Are Exercises For Knee Arthritis Necessary!

Keep those Knees working and get your life back!


Don’t let your arthritis get you down. Don’t let it control your life. You can still do a lot of what you used to do. It’s not the end of the world for you. Get out of that chair and get back into circulation. The more you baby your arthritis, the more it’s going to put you down. Do you know how to fight it? Okay, I’ll teach you. Let’s exercise. You can ask your doctor what exercise you can engage in and you can take it from there.


How hard is it to lift your leg from side to side? That’s right. Try this first, but do it slowly. Take your time, don’t rush it. Bring your leg up sideways but don’t hold it up. Bring it down at the same speed you brought it up. Count 5 times for your left and then the same number for your right. You may need to hold on to something or somebody to maintain your balance.

Then follow it up with raising your foot backwards with as little bending of the knee as possible. Again, do this in a very gradual fashion. The most difficult part here is holding your foot in a steady upward position just for a few seconds and then slowly putting it down. Five counts for each of the left and right foot.

Calf stretches are another way of strengthening your knees. Place one foot forward, but not too far out, in order to attain the maximum push going forward. Bend the knee ahead while at the same time you are stretching the leg behind. You can use a chair for a support. You can do 5 leg switches. Slow, nice, and easy should do it. Holding for 20 to 25 seconds will be perfect.

Raising your heel while your toes are planted firmly on the floor is another easy exercise. Hold on to a chair or bar or wall and raise your heels together in a slow motion. Keep them up for about 20 to 25 seconds. Do the same routine five times.

Put a pillow between your knees. Press on it while lying down, sitting down, and standing up. You can hold them up for 20 to 25 seconds per position. Press it just enough to keep holding it up.

Alternating sitting down and standing up. Use a chair with back support. Additional cushions may be required to keep the seat higher. The purpose here is not to strain the knees but to develop your leg muscles. Do it five times in slow rhythm. Don’t pause on your way up or down.

Raise one leg while lying flat on an exercise mat on the floor while bending the other one. Put your arms at your side. Do this by alternately raising the left foot first in a gradual movement 5 times and then do it with the right foot afterwards 5 times also. Don’t attempt to hold your leg up, bring it down slowly again using the same speed.

You can increase the number of times you do the knee exercise if you feel you’re up to it. Consulting your physical therapist will be a wise move. And you can also ask them if you can go swimming, hiking, cycling or some aerobic dancing.

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