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Knee Arthritis Natural Remedies!

You don’t have to take medication to fight knee arthritis effectively.


Treatment for knee arthritis falls into 3 categories. They are the with drug therapy, without drug therapy, and surgery. It’s important that we be guided properly in choosing what’s best for our condition; in choosingwhich treatment can help us better in achieving some semblance of normalcy in our lives.


Treatment using natural remedies belongs to the without category. Choosing which one you should do first is crucial to your fast recovery; which, in this case, means freedom from pain. The pain is usually caused by too much pressure being exerted on the arthritic knee. One way of dealing with this effectively is by losing weight.


Taking some time out to exercise your legs, thighs, and knees are also a plus factor in dealing with knee arthritis. There are several low impact calisthenics involving knee bending and stretching which are ideal for knee reinforcement. This will also increase blood circulation in your knees, which helps treat knee arthritis. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about which exercises are best suited for your condition.


One very promising knee arthritis treatment is using low doses of electricity. This technique is called neuromuscular electrical stimulation, or NMES, and has been found effective against osteoporosis. This is the newer version of transcutaneous electrical stimulation, or TENS, used mainly for relieving knee arthritis related pain.


There was a comparative study made by Turkish researchers in 2008 involving 50 women diagnosed with osteoporosis using NMES and exercise. Both NMES and exercise had the same effect in relieving stiffness and pain after one month of treatment. These findings are very important for patients who are not able to exercise anymore. By availing of the services of NMES, they don’t have to exercise anymore to get the same get the same benefits. This was published by Clinical Rheumatology.


Chiropractic treatment is one avenue that should be explored more in easing the pain. Massaging the surrounding muscles will help ease the tightness in the knee, relieving the pressure. With less pressure, the pain will subside to a tolerable degree.


Knee wraps applied properly will keep the pain in check. This is not applicable to knee rheumatoid arthritis, but for some victims of post traumatic knee arthritis this has brought pain down to manageable levels.


Liniments, gels, and topical pain relief patches bring a soothing effect to the arthritic knee, providing temporary relief. Placing an ice pack over the liniments will boost their calming effect.


Deep penetrating light therapy is also worth mentioning. The device is not expensive and people who’ve used it have enjoyed a release from painful episodes caused by knee arthritis. It works the same way hot compress does, but without the accompanying heat. And the manufacturer claims that the light helps repair damaged tissues.


Other measures include acupuncture, eating the proper diet, staying away from alcoholic beverages, and avoiding cigarettes. A change in lifestyle for the better is just as effective a natural remedy as any other in dealing with knee arthritis.



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