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Knee Injury Pain


How serious is Your Knee Injury?

knee injury pain photoJust like any injury that affects any part of your body, knee Injuries should be given proper attention without any delay. Our knees are one of the most important body joints, next to our neck, and taking them for granted may bring us untold suffering and difficulty. They’re responsible for our walking, sitting, standing, kicking, running, skipping and the other mobile function that we usually do every day. With our knee defective or badly injured, all we can do is sit it out for a long time or sit it out completely for the rest of our lives. We can’t’ even kneel without our knees.

Why do injuries in the knee happen?

One of the most common causes of injury in the knee happens during training or when playing sports. Sports related knee accidents are on the rise. There are more athletes that sustain knee damage compared to the general population. Collisions on the field, over stretching, fast pivoting, uneven landing, and excessive running are just a few that affect the athletes. People that also lead active lives are also prone to it. Thos who love cycling, running, sky jumping, and mountain climbing may overexert themselves and hurt their knees in the process. A lack of exercise and wrong diets can bring about the same. High heeled shoes, tight fitting clothes, walking on rough terrain or rocky places can hurt our knees as well. Standing up and sitting down should be done smoothly and gradually. We should be very careful whenever we’re in a very difficult situation. Injuring our knees should be avoided at all costs for less suffering from Knee Injury Pain.

Knee injury diagnosis

Broken bones, fractures, sprains, joint dislocations, torn cartilage, tendonitis, torn muscles, muscle strains, and patellar injuries are the most common causes of knee injuries. Some of these may be mild and some can be downright serious. Locating the pain is very important. Where’s the pain mostly felt? Is it outside or inside the knees? Is it in the front knee or the back of knee? Or is it on the inner or outer side? Some sports related injuries can be career ending. Injuries can lead to permanent disability; or worse, amputation. Also, it’s important to determine whether the pain has sudden onsets or sets in slowly. You can tell everything to your doctor during your examination
Complications related to injuries in the knee.
Some of the complications that happen to knee injuries are due to the seriousness of the accident and ignoring the problem altogether. Floating knee injury is caused by high impact injuries. It causes multiple fractures in both the femoral and tibia bones; it’s highly fatal and difficult to treat. Multiple knee ligament injury is not serious in nature but failure to consult a doctor and have it treated right away will lead to hard to treat complications. When the knees sustain injuries they should be treated right away and given a rest.

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What are some of the treatments related to knee injuries?

If the pain dies down in less than 3 days, it’s not going to be any problem later. However, if the pain continues for several days and is getting more pronounced, you should see a doctor after 3 days. DIY home treatment measures will help in abating the pain and drinking pain killers, over the counter tablets will also help ease the pain. Keep them elevated and don’t hang your legs. Seeing a doctor, however, will be more prudent if you’re not sure what to do. Bending, stretching, wall exercise, and mild walking is advisable. However, you should coordinate with your doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor.



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