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Knee Pain While Running

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Behind the knee pain from running (runners knee) can be attributed directly or indirectly to several factors. The knee, with each mass of cartilages, tendons, muscles and bones carries the brunt of the body’s weight around. The knee is the shock absorber of the entire body, It’s subjected to a lot of abuse and it’s not a surprising development when the knee or the part behind which is subjected to a lot of abused is always home to pain. Not a few pro athletes have stopped playing because of bum knees.

3 Causes of back of the knee pain

Diagnosing back
of the knee painThe etiology of the Knee Pain from running  in relation to running is many and varied.  One of the most common causes is the failure of the runner to warm up properly.  Muscle fibers are normally knit in a tight interweaving position.  And sometimes we’re so in a hurry to be on our way that we just go through the motions of warming up without really any intention of doing it at all. You have to give them a chance of unwinding themselves and loosening them up a little.  The wrong running technique is also a big influence in causing  medial  knee pain. Another cause is wearing the wrong shoes. Shoes are categorized according to their use.  Every contact between the hard pavement and the sole of the shoes send shock waves to the knees. If the sole of the shoe is not adapted to hard pavement use you’ll experience  outer the knee pain sooner or later.

The back of the knee pain caused by running may have something to do with torn ligaments, detached tendons, cartilage break, pull muscle or muscle strain. The pain is not the illness itself; it’s just an indicator how serious the illness is. The more painful it is the more serious the injury may be. However injuries related to running are seldom serious and surgery is usually not an option.  If the pain ceases in less than 3 days then you don’t have to see a doctor.  Meanwhile you can take pain killers to ease the discomfort caused by the back of the knee pain while running. If the pain progresses and becomes unbearable you should see a doctor without delay.

What are the possible complications of back of the knee pain?

There are no possible serious complications from the injuries themselves. But if back of the knee pain persists and you still continue running despite the recurring pain or you refuse to see a doctor despite the presence of pain, you may cause irreparable damages to the cartilages, tendons, muscles and other connective tissues inside the knee area. If the pain is caused by arthritic episodes then you have to see a doctor for the proper treatment.  Your ability to go back running again will depend on your doctor’s advice.

Usual exercise regimens to alleviate back of the knee pain

You need to exercise to regain the strength of your knees but with your doctor’s permission. The usual exercises include bending and stretching of your legs and knees. Squatting, alternating sitting and standing up on a chair or going up and down the staircases will help a lot. The treadmill is another option.  You can do them when the back of the knee pain is not so much anymore.

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