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What happens during each of the stages?

What Are The Stages of Knee Arthritis!

What are the types of knee arthritis and how does each develop through time? They are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post traumatic arthritis. Let’s discuss them one by one and see how each degenerates.


Stages of Knee osteoarthritis. This is the most widespread type, currently victimizing 27 million Americans.


What happens first is that after several years of use or abuse, the cartilages in your knee start to thin out. Cartilages cushion the contact between each bone. With them in place, the bones will just glide against each other smoothly without any adverse effects. The cartilages and the synovial fluids in the bursa located inside the joints work together to allow joints to move without causing any injuries and without pain. When the cartilage totally wears out, the pain starts to manifest due to friction. Osteoarthritis is now setting in.


Later on, as the cartilages continue to disappear, the pain will become even more severe. The knees begin to lose some of their support. Without the cartilage, the bones underneath to compensate and becomes thicker. These are called bone spurs and they’re found along the margins. These can limit movement, especially in older people. And when activities become very limited, the muscle atrophies, making the situation even worse.


And at the last stages, the knee joint structure is compromised. Whatever synovial fluids are left are lost and in their place are fluids composed of puss, blood, and damaged tissues; all exerting pressure on the joints causing swelling, inflammation, and more pain.


Stages of knee rheumatoid arthritis. 1.3 million Americans are affected by it according to a report culled from Center of Disease Control or CDC.


In this condition, the synovial membrane becomes highly vascular and there’s an abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in its tissues. The cell count in the knee joints becomes abnormally high. X-ray or MRI will show no physical injuries, but the condition of rheumatoid arthritis to occur is now in place.


And then the synovial tissue inflammation begins to grow and multiply; and upon reaching the articular cartilage, it destroys them. Articular cartilage is the smooth white tissue coverings found at the end of the bones where they meet, forming the joints. The joints become more confined due to the destruction of the articular cartilage.


Just about now the articular cartilage becomes eroded and the sub-chondral bones, the layer beneath the cartilage, are exposed and thicken in the process. There’ll be widespread cartilage injury and knee joint damage can be clearly seen on the x-rays.


At last the inflammation disappears and the disease cycle ends. The joints become useless due to the ankylosing process, joining them together.


Stages of post traumatic arthritis. It’s the thinning of the knee joint cartilages brought about by injuries suffered during accidents.


During the impact cartilage, bone, soft tissue, articular tissue damage takes place, without medical intervention, cell death will follow. The biological structure and biomechanics of the cartilage takes place. Inflammation will follow.

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